Winterize me Cap’n!


Here at the Pop Lab, we’re ready for Winter. But no way does that mean we’re tucking in til Spring! No way!

We’ve developed a metric ton of holiday flavor fun we can’t wait to share with you!

Can you say, “Pumpkin Pie?” of course you can. You’re not an animal. 

How about, “Peppermint Patty with Chocolate Shell?” Oh yeah, no trouble saying that one either.

The list goes on: Apple Cider, Spiced Eggnog, CranberryOrange…

We’re even collaborating with the girls of Booze Epoque to give you something wicked special to put in your winter libations… *wink*

So stay with us Pop’rs, big things are coming, and we want you along for the ride! 

Come say hi @union sq. this saturday for the FINAL SUMMER MARKET. 

Then join us Dec. 1st at the Armory for the launch of the 2012 winter market. We’re gonna have some surprises for you there 🙂 




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